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She Who Fights Monsters: The Memory Bloom

Posted on March 28th, 2014

After dealing with some personal issues, I’m finally back to working on She Who Fights Monsters in earnest. I’m mainly focusing on the art assets right now since, for me, those are the hardest to focus on. I like drawing sometimes, but I generally don’t LOVE it; I actually have more fun sorting through the technical stuff and making new things work. But art/design is very important in determining how well things work from a gameplay experience standpoint, and I’d rather have the real thing there when possible instead of just placeholders. (And, of course, I also want to just get it out of the way.)

The Memory Bloom
The Memory Bloom

One of my favorite things from the game is the Memory Bloom. Right now, I’m mainly taking care of some art associated with that. It’s not new; it’s in the demo if you look for it. In the final version, it will still be semi-hidden, but hopefully, it’ll be easy to find as long as you’re paying attention to certain visual clues.

The Memory Bloom has a major role in determining which ending you get. The game will have a total of three: a default and two others that only become accessible via the Memory Bloom. The Bloom lets you view some of Jennifer’s hidden memories–ones that don’t appear during the main part of the game. What you do with what you find decides who Jennifer becomes.

Sort of like dealing with memories made in the course of real life.

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