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This is where I’ll post links to sundry things people have written about my games. New links will hopefully be added over time.

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“8 Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know” – at [RE]MESHED.COM

“Her work embodies one of many “alt” characteristics, where traditional game elements… are reshaped to tell different stories—often ones that are transgressive from a status quo.” – Soha Kareem, Motherboard

“So please keep your eye on Gaming Pixie Games … because Gaming Pixie can obviously explain her process far better than I can and, trust me fellow Clappers, she is one fairy that you should definitely believe in.” – Matthew Kirshenblatt in Mythic Bios

“She has produced powerful works like Eden (playable for free but well worth supporting) and What’s In A Name?” – Lana Polansky, Sufficiently Human


“Imagine a combination of The Matrix with its artificial intelligences and hacker themes, Inception with its levels of intersecting reality and memory, Christine Love’s *AI games with their background of gender, sexuality, and treatment of AI as individual entities, and Kan Gao’s To the Moon with its heartfelt use of virtual capsules and subversion of a single instance of combat. Raziel is reminiscent of these films and games, but it is more.” – Matthew Kirshenblatt in Mythic Bios

She Who Fights Monsters

“Jennifer’s home is a terrifying world to her, which becomes viscerally apparent when the environment occasionally transform into a twisted nightmarish landscape when her anxiety begins to escalate….” – Kent Sheeley, Video Game Tourism

Featured in Princess of Arcade, 2015

Juego Gratuito: She Who Fights Monsters, los tormentos de un padre alcohólico – Lunatika, Survival Horror Downloads

Chosen by jury for the 2014 Wordplay Showcase

“In some ways, it is even worse this way: to depict a normal childhood and have it impinged upon by the violence of an unknown and terrifying adult world, and the understanding that it will change Jenny’s life. It is a real life horror story of an ordinary world shattered by something aberrant and always lurking under a façade of normalcy.” – Matthew Kirshenblatt in Mythic Bios

“Meanwhile, those abusive moments play out in surreal horrorscapes where we run from shadowy figures, watch Jennifer rot and deteriorate before our eyes, and helplessly try and survive RPG-style battles against abstract horrors with only weapons and abilities like “tears” and “innocence” to defend ourselves with.” – joffeorama, Video Games of the Oppressed

“These games both present the player with a realistic view of life inside of a virtual world … They will always bear the scars from their childhood. There is no winning for them, only surviving.” – Brian Rumsey, “Alcohol Abuse in Gaming: She Who Fights Monsters and Papo y Yo”


Featured in the fascinating anthology Videogames for Humans, edited by merritt kopas

“A game about being human.” – merritt kopas, Forest Ambassador

“I can feel the ethereal world GP created and was falling deeper in love with each passage.” – Soha Kareem, Set $Games to Destroy: Vol. 2

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[*Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Matthew is my friend. He’s also a darn good writer and his posts are from his personal blog.]

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