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Offline Versions Now Free

Posted on March 22nd, 2014

The offline versions of Eden and Shadow of a Soul are free now. You can donate if you like, but it’s not required to access the games any more than it is to play them online.

I made them free because I want people to play and share my games–and I’ve found that if you’re new or unknown, not offering them for free shuts you out of being able to promote them in quite a few venues. Moreover, almost no one pays anyway, and what little I might get doesn’t offset that lack of publicity. So… yeah. Just chalking that up to a failed experiment. But I do enjoy making games, and it always makes my day when someone tells me they like my work. Whatever increases the chances of that is a step I’m willing to take.

To people who have donated or purchased or might in the future, I really appreciate it. Not only is it encouraging; I definitely need the money.

Take care,

Signed, The Pixie.

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