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Posted on October 27th, 2021

Artwork of female Hellraiser style cenobite

In life, she often suffered in silence. She’d been taught her pain didn’t matter and when she dared to show it, she was often judged, ridiculed or punished. Now, she wears a permanent smile and knows only bliss.

In life, she dreamed of suicide. She longed for death so often that she simply considered it normal. Now, her flayed wrists are a testament to how she welcomed her fate.

In life, she was the outside observer—seeing much, but rarely part of anything. Now, she has no eyes that would be recognized as such, but sees far more clearly than she ever did before.

In life, she experienced loneliness and longed for acceptance and love. Now a being spoken of only in whispers who wanders depths of Hell, she has no concern for such things.

In life, she was quiet and kept to herself. People sometimes told her that she needed to speak up, that she should be more outgoing. Nobody took her seriously; even those who told her to talk only wanted her to say what they thought she should. She’s now been relieved of the burden of speech—and everybody listens.

In life, she felt powerless. Now, she has nothing to fear.

(It started as a self-portrait of sorts, but since it took on a life of its own, I decided to give her a story. For more of my present and future artwork, please feel free to visit my art site.)

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