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She Who Fights Monsters: Game Delayed

Posted on April 26th, 2014

Due to life circumstances (namely a new day job and… well… dealing with stage fright), it’s unlikely I’ll have She Who Fights Monsters done by the end of this month. I probably could if I rushed through it, but I want to give myself the time I need to make this game decent and the emotional space I need to stop freaking out over what may or may not happen when I release the finished game to the wild. But I’m pretty sure I can have it done my the end of May.

Once I’ve settled into my new schedule and a new life in general, I have plans for other games, too. The first thing on my mind is a much-expanded version of the game I made for the Cyberpunk Jam. Next up? Getting friendly with Unity so I can try other stuff.

Or, depending on how things go, maybe I could do both at once.

(Also, I’ve made some little changes to the demo. It now has the current sprites for Jenny and her father as well as a more obvious path to a certain semi-hidden feature. You can get the latest version here.)

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