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Free Demo: Fighting the Monster

Posted on January 22nd, 2014

EDIT: This demo is no longer available. Get the full game instead.

screenshot03I got a free copy of RPG Maker VX Ace last December. Soon afterward, I got an idea: I would make a horror game. A horror game prequel to a certain other project that gets my focus next. But as I worked through things in my Game Ideas notebook, I realized parts of my own life were starting to bleed through.

I don’t really like to talk about my past–or my present a lot of the time. But I do like taking things and turning them into fiction. I started seeing the absolute worst parts of my childhood and wanted make something with them, a gameified version of what I went through and how I dealt with it. I started seeing how if I took that far enough, it could end up (hopefully) both really disturbing and rather unique.

screenshot04Though the main character isn’t necessarily that Jenny, she does bear the name “Just Because.” And everything you see and do in the game is colored by her perceptions, by the way that things can look through a child’s imagination. Closets, basements and what have you can become new worlds and adventures; confronting her drunken father is… well… It can be rather unpleasant.

The Alpha demo I just finished is a small, incomplete taste of what I have planned for this game. Many of the graphics will chance, and so will the music. The gameplay will be expanded and the whole house will ultimately be yours to explore. For now, though, the demo does give some idea of what this game is emotionally. I also plan to release a second, larger Beta demo once the game is closer to completion.

Please download the Alpha demo here. Get the full game!

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