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Fighting the Monster: Development Progress

Posted on February 19th, 2014

I’m making good progress with my first non-Twine game. Two months ago, I’d never used RPG Maker before and wasn’t even sure how to start; now, I have something that 1)is definitely a game with playable things in it, albeit an incomplete one and 2)is, in its way, pretty intricate as it slowly takes shape.

I’ve also settled on the game’s official name. It’s going to be She Who Fights Monsters.

I’d like to have a non-alpha demo done by early March. To give you some idea of what’s changed since the alpha, here are some Before and After screenshots:

There are still things to refine, art assets to make and songs to add (and game days to even START implementing), but I think the progress is clear.

And since RPG Maker’s character generator couldn’t give me quite the right color scheme, I made some noticeable changes to Jenny’s sprite. But I think I’ll save those for when the new demo comes out. 🙂

Oh, and as an added bonus, a peek at my Debug Room:

My Debug Room. (Won't be in the game.)
My Debug Room. (Won’t be in the game.)


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