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Raziel: Progress + Screenshot Roundup

Posted on August 18th, 2014

[09/01/2014 Update: Added screenshot for the real world.]

Hi, everyone! I am still around and working on new games, or at least one game in particular. I’ve just been busy with my [really stressful] day job and only have so much to give after I get home. I am making progress, though, and here’s what I’ve got so far.

First off, I’ve determined that Raziel will have some kind of karma system. For whatever reason, that seems to be my thing: giving players the chance to make moral choices. There will also be hints in the game about which side of the scale you’re tipping towards. But in most cases (as in life), unless you’re aiming for a certain outcome, you’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle instead of at the Good or Evil extreme.

I’m still working out the details of the combat system. There won’t be a lot of battles (and probably no random ones), but I do want to include some confrontations that fit the game’s themes. As a hint, people in Raziel’s world are dependent on the virtual realm of Otherworld. Your ultimate goal is destroying Otherworld. So, naturally, at least some of those people are going to want to defend it — one way or another.

And finally, the screenshots!

They’re all tests of tilesets. The first is an early version of Otherworld. The second is the version I think I’ll use in the game. And the third… is your first glimpse of Etherworld, which is my favorite concept in the game so far.

You can get a few more details about the realms of Raziel here. Also includes original concept art.

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