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Desiging Raziel: Otherworld and Etherworld

Posted on July 7th, 2014

Here’s some new concept art for Raziel, which currently in development. It depicts two dimensions of the game: Otherworld and Etherworld. The third aspect (the normal world) doesn’t need it at this point, though I might change my mind before the major work starts.

Basically, in this cyberpunk-themed game, you’re going to be visiting three realms. The normal world is our world, though the game will show a grayer, blander version of it. Otherworld is the cyber-world where people can live their fantasies. Thus I’m making it a place of wild, surreal colors partially inspired by the color schemes of Killer7. As for Etherworld, it’s basically a land of junk data that, normally, no one accesses or even knows is there. It’s weird and chaotic and creepy-like… and you’re totally going to need to visit it in order to finish your quest. (Funnily enough, Etherworld also takes some inspiration from Killer7, namely the Vinculum Gate you pass through every time you confront a midboss. I think the concept is really neat and, taken one step further, it fits this game nicely.)

The art’s linked below. Enjoy!

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