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Posted on May 1st, 2015

It can take a while for me to process things, especially when they’re good, and even moreso when they seem to come out of nowhere. It’s as if my brain can’t quite accept what’s going on and wants to make absolutely sure that there hasn’t been some mistake.

Recently, a few things have happened that kept making me want to ask “Are you sure you have the right person?” For one thing, besides mentioning my stuff a lot on Twitter, Soha Kareem wrote an article for Motherboard that included some of my work. Which resulted in quite an influx of new visitors and Twitter followers. Fengxii also mentioned me in a tweet about black game developers worth knowing, which resulted in further influx. And… something else quite interesting happened that’s actually been in progress for a while, but definitely falls under “Is this really a thing?”

Recently, the book Videogames for Humans (edited by merritt kopas) was released to the public. It’s basically an anthology of Twine games, played through by various games journalists and critics. It’s a really neat project… and merritt chose Eden as one of the games she included in the book. Considering the caliber of the other creators included, I’m still having trouble believing there wasn’t some mistake. But I’m definitely thankful she asked to include my work, not to mention very surprised she even knew I existed.

So… yeah. A lot of stuff has happened. And I have a bunch of new Twitter followers now who think I make games. Normally, this would probably be the part where I flee in terror because it feels incredibly weird that people are paying attention, but I think I’ll stay put this time and see what happens. Which means more gamestuff is forthcoming. 🙂

Take Care,

Signed, The Pixie.

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