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Big Ball of Twine

Posted on October 2nd, 2013

Some Twine source code for Eden. SOME.

See that screenshot up there? It’s a partial view of the coding I’ve done for Eden, a new Twine game I’m working on. It only shows about one-third of what’s in there so far and I’ve still got a fair ways to go. It started off as a simple idea… and then I kept getting more ideas. And MORE ideas. And the game kept getting bigger and bigger. It’s gone from what could’ve been a simple choose-your-own text adventure to, well, a full-blown GAME. Random events. Multiple endings. Lots of different variables that change with the choices you make and can end up altering… well, a lot of things. It seems like everything in this game interacts with everything else. And that is pretty much the reason it exploded.

With a little scripting and a LOT of effort, it’s really something what you can do with this simple hypertext tool for interactive stories. Next time, I think I’m going to try survival horror.

(It’s possible you’re wondering now what Eden is about. But I’d rather not spoil the surprise—and this game has lots of them.)

One thought on “Big Ball of Twine

  1. The fact that this is only *part* of your Twine overview fills me with a tremendous amount of awe and it eerily resembles the structure of my own Twine novel that I will have be taking a hiatus from to consolidate my new evil Empire … I mean, constructive projects of the positive kind. That said, you actually want me to make me continue with this work as well. As it is, I look forward to seeing what this Eden will be like. 🙂

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