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[RPG Maker] She Who Fights Monsters (Original Version)

SWFM title screen

Content Advisories: Alcoholism, child abuse

Note: There is now an expanded version that includes new features, new areas, new endings, and new graphics. You can find it here.

She Who fights Monsters is a survival horror game of sorts. It uses some JRPG conventions, but isn’t a JRPG; its main inspirations are Yume Nikki and the Silent Hill games, though this game is rather short and not quite like either.

Your goal is to help little Jennifer make it through seven days with her alcoholic father, collecting and unlocking memories and determining who she becomes. Also, there are three different endings. Which one will be yours–and hers?

(This game is donationware. Donations are appreciated (especially if you like the game), but they’re not required to play it.)


Download Here

Game Added 05/31/14

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