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[NSFW!] [TWINE] Shadow of a Soul

Shadow of a Soul

Content Advisories: Graphic sexual descriptions, BDSM, self-injury

Oh my. Where to start with this one? I guess you’d call Shadow of a Soul an erotic horror Twine adventure(?) game with BDSM themes.

Anyway, this is a dark, weird, kinky game. You play the role of some poor damned soul who must either please their new demon master/mistress (which appears is up to you, as are your gender and sexual orientation) by doing… something unpleasant… or face eternity as the plaything of their older and more sadistic brother. Or perhaps an even worse fate. Along the way, you may need to replenish your strength, but don’t worry: that’s part of the fun.

Made with Twine. Features a good soundtrack, a fair amount of original artwork, and a decidedly dark atmosphere. It also has more than one ending.

(I created this one because I wanted to. No other reason, really. And yes, I had fun in the process. Maybe I’ll try making another naughty game someday.)

[Play Shadow of a Soul]

There’s also a downloadable version.


Game Added 10/20/13

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