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[RPG MAKER] Raziel

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Content Advisories: None; PG-13 game.

[Current Version: 1.0]

In Raziel, you help a hacker called Glitch who was called to Otherworld (a virtual realm that shines brighter than life) to slay a fallen angel. A fallen angel named Raziel who was once a human being. But if you end his suffering, what might you unleash?

This game is short and sweet: you can finish it in a few hours. Features surreal scenery, a thought-provoking story, two different endings and NO random battles. Exploration is highly encouraged.

(This game is donationware. Donations are appreciated (especially if you like the game), but they’re not required to play it.)

Promotional Video    *    The original Twine game (some spoilers)

Game Added 01/04/16

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