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[RPG Maker] Erase Me

Content Advisories: Suicide

(Side note: When I played this one for a bit after months of leaving it alone, my first thought was “Holy crap, this is like playing a suicide note. And I’m the one who wrote it!” So, uh, 1)I guess it expresses how I was feeling around that time? and 2)I’m very, very glad my life has improved since then.)

(Gameplay Hint: If you can’t seem to move fast enough to get through a certain area, hold down the DASH button while you run. It’s Shift on the keyboard and X on a controller.)

The very first game I created was a Twine game called The Choice which deals with suicidal feelings. It was inspired partly by another game–a wonderful game–called Today I Die. I wanted the game to be helpful for sorting through those kinds of feelings, and I guess it works on some level, but it isn’t anything I would create now.

I never, ever thought I’d follow up on that game. But in a way, I have. Erase Me is actually a bit darker and in a way, more honest. The Choice is all about a voice that’s begging you to live. Not so much a game as an expression of feeling, this one is… less so.

But just because it’s dark doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. And there’s a slight change I’ll return to this one as a full-fledged horror game.

Initial completion time: About 5-15 minutes.

[Download the game here.]

Game Added 08/30/17

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