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[TWINE] Eden

Content Advisories: None; PG-13 game.

[Online Version]

Identical gameplay; Both Free/Donationware!

In some ways, Eden is my follow-up to What’s in a Name? Where What’s in a Name? went into the ways it can suck to be bisexual, in this game, it’s not only acceptable; it’s potentially rewarding.

In Eden, you’re a scientist faced with a choice: risk your life and career for someone else who’s beautiful, but “not even human” or look out for Number One. And that’s just the beginning. Can you really abandon this one to their fate? If not, how will you save them? Although the game is Twine-based, it’s coded with possibilities that are either triggered by earlier choices or occur at random–or both. A guard might spot you… or they might not. You might get caught if you try to take an item early… or you might be quick enough not to. Your love interest might be what you expected… or you may have to ask yourself questions these games tend to leave unasked.

Features include six different endings, four different achievements, a fair amount of original artwork (featured mainly in the endings) and a rather nifty soundtrack.

The offline and online versions play exactly the same. The offline version’s benefit is that once you download it, there are no preload times and you can play it whenever you like without coming back to the site. The good thing about the online version is you can check it out right away. (Well, except for the possible load times.)


Game Added 10/09/13

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