Friday Feature: Ninja Gaiden 2 NES Intro

The NES Ninja Gaiden games were among the first (if not THE first) to use cutscenes to tell the game’s story. For historical purposes, it might’ve been better for me to use the intro from the first game. I went with the second game’s intro instead because that’s my favorite. So there. ;p

Some Changes in the Works

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while and lot of things have happened. Some not good; some REALLY good; some I’d just as soon file under “Well, at least it was a learning experience.” But the good news is that, yes, the site is still alive and I’ve got new plans.

First off, I’m afraid I’ll have to stop my webcomic. I want to tell the story, but… well… it turns out I just don’t like drawing sequential art. I wanted to like it since all the cool kids seem to do webcomics at some point, but in general, I don’t. What I DO like, though, is telling stories — and sometimes including pictures to enhance them. Which is why I’m going to reinvent the story as an illustrated novella or (if it just takes that much space to tell) novel. The webcomic pages I’ve already posted will stay up as a prologue of sorts, reachable from the novella page once I’ve set it up. I’ll try to update the story weekly, but nothing’s set in stone. [Edit: I've since decided it's best to just shelve Dreaming You for now. Reasons will be explained in a future blog post.]

I have a new Twine game in mind that’s in the planning stages. It won’t be as heavy as the first two, but it will be a bit more expansive and “game-like.” It’ll also include an achievement or two you’ll actually want this time. ;p

A minor site redesign is also in the works. Nothing major, mostly changes to the header and some links to make things a bit sleeker. And the “commissions” page will become a simple art gallery with actual stuff in it.

At least some of these developments will happen later this week. After that, as I usually do, I’ll just see where things go.

Until Then,

The Pixie

Making Peace with Mary Sue

One of the things I want most is to write fiction for a living. Whether or not it’ll ever happen, I have no idea, but as long as I have stories and the will to tell them, I’m going to keep writing them down.

Except for my earliest attempts, I’ve always written male main characters. I never thought much about the reasons; it just sort of happened. But recently, I did.

One, more male characters = more HoYay and more slash. Which I’ve kinda been into since before I even knew what it was.

Two, writing male characters lets me put more distance between myself and them. I always play the spectator/director and don’t get too enmeshed or identify too closely. That way, I can avoid putting too much of myself in the story.

That leads to reason Number Three, the dreaded Mary Sue. Writing her is apparently a capital offense. Writing as an outsider let me feel protected, gave me some assurance I was (like any “good” writer should) just analyzing and presenting a character instead of putting out some ideal version of myself or simply indulging my fantasies. Because, as I’d internalized without even knowing, writing to indulge your fantasies or merely acknowledging certain ones is the worst thing you can do, and even just being accused of it is The Crime That Shall Not Be Named.

Then, on a whim, I looked up an old fan fiction site. Not mine; someone else’s I first found ages ago. (more…)

Friday Feature: To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

No words. Just watch. [Site Link: To This Day Project]

A Few Small Additions

Now that my hives have finally more-or-less cleared up, I took care of something I wanted to do for a while: I added a profile picture to the About page. In fact, I added two of them… and please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t take the “sexy” picture too seriously. I was just having some fun. :)

As long as I was doing that, I figured I might as well 1)update the page and change it specifically to an About Me page and 2)put up a site map/site info page for anyone interested and 3)make some small improvements to the header navigation. I hope it worked out okay.

I’ve also put up the beginnings of a commissions page. Since all the cool kids are doing it, I figured I’d give it a try.

Oh, and from the looks of things, I’ll be resuming the webcomic next Wednesday. :) As usual, the hardest part was making myself get started.

Fear and the Art of Self-Loathing

Having a weird medical issue that’s sucked up my attention and energy came with one advantage: it gave me an excuse not to think about much else. All the plans I had and all the decisions I needed to make could be pushed to the wayside while I was 1)miserable from itching 2)paranoid of how disgusting the hives and swelling looked 3)terrified I’d never get better and 4)trying anything I could think of to fix #1 so the rest would go away. Being preoccupied with that freed me from other fears, namely that all my creative ambitions might fail… or, in some ways, “succeed”. (more…)

Adventures in Allergies

(Warning: You may find this entry more boring than usual.)

Minimizing stress seemed to help… until it, well, didn’t.

Rewashing my clothes in a different detergent seemed to help… until it, well, didn’t.

Drinking more water seemed to help until…. You get the idea.

“So, what’s this about?” you might be asking. It’s about the two months I’ve spent dealing with a bad case of hives. Yes, you read correctly: TWO MONTHS. All because I couldn’t figure out what the crap was causing me, on a daily basis, to look like the victim of some scary-looking (and extremely itchy) alien plague-and what, on a random basis, was making my eyes/lips/half my face swell up so badly I barely looked human. It got so awful that if I had health insurance, I definitely would’ve seen a doctor. I also realize at this point that it’s just sheer luck I didn’t develop anaphylaxis or that hives didn’t form in my throat (yes, that really happens), so I’m thankful for that.

For much of the last two months, I’ve been preoccupied with this. With wondering why this was happening and why it kept getting worse and fearing I was stuck with it since chronic hives are a thing. I’ve also been taking lots of Benadryl so I could semi-function and to keep from scratching my skin off, basically having to choose between being covered in itchy, burning welts and the fact that Benadryl usually either completely knocks me out or leaves me feeling like I’ve had a lobotomy. Once I take the stuff, assuming I can focus well enough to finish a task at all, it ends up taking a lot longer than it normally would.

The good news is I finally figured out what the problem was. (more…)