Luck and Circumstance

It’s no secret I’ve been having some financial problems. Or that I’ve been stressed out and distracted and often having trouble concentrating on much else. So, you’d think that when my PC died the afternoon of Thanksgiving Eve, that would’ve/should’ve… well… done some very bad things to my mind. And frankly, it did.

That old PC of mine (age seven at time of death) had been acting up for over a year now. To get it to boot, I had to employ a weird workaround involving partial power-ups and passing an error message. Over time, it had also started bluescreening about once every couple of weeks where, before, it MIGHT happen once a year. Most recently, it would freeze at random and I’d have to wait it out; sometimes, it would freeze during power-up and I’d have to turn it off and start over. And from a simple performance standpoint, it ran like molasses in February. I could literally go brush my teeth, start breakfast and feed my cat and it STILL wouldn’t be finished loading the desktop. And the game engine I’ve been trying to learn, Unity3D? It would take almost as long to load up as the desktop.

Nonetheless, it did sort of work and it was in a lot of ways essential to my life. It was how I earned money when I got freelance jobs. It was the main way I was conducting my search for regular work. It was how I kept in touch with pretty much all my friends, including my boyfriend. It was where I played a lot of old games that comfort and inspire me. It was how I created things and where I kept pretty much all of the music I listen to and, no, I don’t have an iPod. Work, entertainment and social life all depended on that machine.

And then, it was gone. On top of all the other things I was dealing with, all of that… was gone. And of all the times it could’ve happened, it happened on Thanksgiving eve.

Then, on Thanksgiving, my mother called. I hadn’t told her exactly what I’ve been dealing with and I never planned to; she’s done so much for me over the years I didn’t want to give her that burden. But that very big final straw was more than I could take and she could tell from the sound of my voice that something was terribly wrong.

I told her my PC died. I didn’t tell her anything else. Again, I just couldn’t do that to her after all she’s done for me. She was quiet for a while and said, “How much would a new one cost?” So, I told her what I figured a midrange PC would cost. A little bit longer and mom said, “Baby, that computer was your life. It might be a strain, but I’ll give you what you need for a new one. And something more to help you get by,” and said it would be in my bank account tomorrow. Naturally, this was to count as my Christmas/birthday/please-don’t-as-me-for-anything-again gift.

By the time we were done talking, I was in tears. Mostly, I was thankful for her generosity, but I was also heartbroken because I wasn’t sure what I’d tell her when I used that computer money to pay my rent instead. Because, when it came down to it, I knew I would have to.

The day after Thanksgiving, Mom sent me the money like she said she would. I went to the library to check my bank balance… and I saw that she’d sent me $200.00 more than she said she would. I also checked my PayPal. With Mom’s help plus donations received, I could send my landlord enough of a good faith payment to keep things going a couple more weeks AND get a new PC that does all I need it do and does it incredibly well. Which is why I’ve [happily] unpinned a certain blog entry and removed the donation button.

It seems clear that fate saw fit to give me a second chance. One of many, actually, so I’d better not screw it up.

Small website change

It’s ironic considering I could really use the help right now (Update: things are less urgent now, so the donation link is also gone from that post), but after thinking about it a while, I’ve decided to remove the usual donation box from the sidebar. This site started off as a place for my video reviews. Then for a webcomic I’ve since discontinued and gaming/movie articles that I only write when I feel the need. Finally, my more focused efforts shifted to making games — focused enough that I figured I’d best put the game stuff on its own site.

Now, this is just my personal blog. A place to share thoughts and random artwork on a completely irregular basis and maybe make some friends. And once my current troubles have passed, I would rather that be all it is.

I’ll also be taking down the Pixie’s Sketchbook Facebook fan page and just linking to my [up-to-now-almost-never-used] personal one.

Take Care,


The Pixie

Pixie’s Big [Mis]adventure: Time to Ask for Help

VERY FINAL UPDATE: If there’s any doubt about it, yes the company that did this is Project Million Entertainment. Please, for the love of God, do NOT work with these people.

[Final Update(?): Things aren’t 100%, but due to unexpected circumstances, the immediate crisis isn’t as immediate anymore. No, that nameless company still hasn’t sent me my money (I’ll mention it if they do), but… things have worked out for now. So, I’m unsticking this post. Thanks again to everyone who’s supported me in any sense–and I’m glad to take this out of the spotlight.]

Short version: I need help with rent and utilities pretty quickly, so I’m putting this out here as a last resort. Hopefully, things will stabilize and I can move on with my life. My direct PayPal address is <Redacted>.

Long version: Gather round, ye children, and I shall share with thee my strange and sorry tale. It’s a story of friendship, promises made, and promises repeatedly broken. It is also the story of how a person can cling rather pitifully to an opportunity they see as their last hope. (more…)

Separating the Conjoined Twins

Short version: I’m moving all my game stuff — dev blog entries, concept art, whatever — to this site. The personal stuff will stay here.

Long Version: For a while, I’ve been balancing a couple of different things on this site: my game projects and a personal blog. Lately, as my games become more “game-like” and less like diary entries, I’ve been feeling the need for separation. That’ll probably be even more than case once I finish my first non-Twine game.

I figured I’d best take care of it now, before things get more unwieldy. Over the next few days, I’ll be moving all my game dev type posts and pages to the new site and deleting them from here. (I’ll still keep links to my newest games in the sidebar, though.) The new site also has its own twitter, so anyone who just wants game info won’t have to sort through personal updates. People who follow my personal Twitter may wish to follow it, too, to make keeping up with my game updates easier. I’m also thinking of deleting the Pixie’s Sketchbook Facebook page and just posting this site’s updates to my personal account since more people are there, anyway. :p

So, if things start disappearing, don’t worry. They’ve probably just been moved here.

New Game: Shadow of a Soul

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve got a new Twine game for you. This one is *GASP!* erotic horror. The rest (assuming you’re of age to see such things) you’ll have to discover on your own.

Play the game here.

Twine Tutorial: Conditional Questions

This tutorial is now found here, on my games site.

Naughty Pixie

[Note: I talk fairly frankly here about kinky things.] (more…)