Old Videos

More stuff from my video reviewing days, mostly promos and a few creative odds and ends. For the curious (all two of you ;p), the Game Music Meditations are basically made up of images that went through my head while I listened to music from games. And Chellevira’s Diary was one of my alternate characters giving her take on the darker side of gaming.

Game Music Meditations

Game Music Meditations: Diablo – Tristram
Game Music Meditations: Final Fantasy IX – Jesters of the Moon
Game Music Meditations: Final Fantasy IX – Terra/Bran Bal
Game Music Meditations: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – Battle 2
Game Music Meditations: Killer 7 – Rave On
Killer 7: Sceneman – Tribute to Andrei Ulmeyda

Short-lived Features

Pixie Ponders: The Saga of DmC (02.03.2012)
Chellevira’s Diary, Entry #1: Her Valentine (02.14.2012)

Misc. Promos and Stuff

Introducing: The Gaming Pixie (03.27.2010)
Welcome to GamingPixie.com! (03.28.2010)
Gaming Pixie’s Mystery Promo (04.12.2010)
Gaming Pixie Promo: the white chamber (04.30.2010)
Gaming Pixie’s Mystery Promo: Ack, what to review?! (05.24.2010)
Mystery Promo #3: Name That Tune! (06.14.2010)
Gaming Pixie’s Mystery Promo: Oh, Whatever. (08.02.2010)
Gaming Pixie’s Mystery Promo: Halloween Fun (10.20.2010)
Gaiden Review: Yume Nikki (Halloween Special pt 2) (10.31.2010)
Gaming Pixie’s Mystery Promo: It Goes with Everything! (11.25.2010)
Mystery Promo: Let’s Get Nostalgic (12.14.2010)
Gaming Pixie Promo: My Next Review (01.30.2011)
Gaming Pixie’s Mystery Promo: Valentine (02.15.2011)
New and Improved: Eversion, Golden Axe & Yume Nikki (01.16.2012)