Obvious Unplanned Hiatus

Hi, everyone! I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from things right now and I’ll start updating my webcomic again in two weeks or so. For one thing, I’m dealing with a health issue (a possibly stress-induced case of unexplained hives) that responds best to Benadryl. Which tends to make me feel a bit loopy. Which makes it hard to focus on drawing long enough (especially with a tablet) to complete a comic. >_< Who knows, though? I like doing the comic, but game creation — both “doing” in Twine and learning other stuff — has more of my attention at the moment anyway. I’ll have to see where things go.

At the same time, I’m recharging my creative batteries by replaying a favorite game: Metal Gear Solid 3. Immersing myself in its story and gameplay seems to be helping my inspiration for a lot of things, particularly writing and continuing to work on Fragments of Mira. It’s interesting playing a game when you’re designing one. You think more not just about how much you like certain elements, but why you happen to like them and trying to come up with ways to recreate those special moments in your own work. I’m also seeing some kind of in-depth… article… blog entry… something… on my undying love for Metal Gear Solid 3 somewhere in my future.

In the meantime, I’ll keep up with posting the Friday Feature as well as more concept art sketches. And that untitled Twine game idea on my games page is starting to come together, too, so that’ll likely be a go in a week or two.

Posted 01/23/13


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