Game Review: Yume Nikki

Note: For the good of all involved (especially those who are sensitive or prone to depression), this review includes the game’s ending with some commentary over it to lighten the mood. Believe me, I wish *I’d* seen it advance before I got there on my own.

For a shorter, non-depressing and (IMO) generally better-done taste of what the game is like, go here. It’s basically a fan film I made for Halloween. ^^

Funny, I don’t remember actually doing this….

In any case, Yume Nikki is a strange freeware game in which there is no world to save and no princesses to rescue.  Instead, you roam through the dream world of a rather disturbed young girl.

Things take a turn for the bizarre in this review.  How bizarre? (Song reference not intended.) Well, you’ll have to see it to believe it.

If you like, you can just go here to download and play the game yourself. And if you want more of Chellevira, see what became of her here. ^^

Posted 04/23/10


15 Responses to "Game Review: Yume Nikki"

  1. The Pixie says:

    Oh my. Thank you. :} You have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now. Not just the compliment, but that maybe I'm not doing this for nothing.

  2. VahnLegaia says:

    “The gaming pixie's better half” is quite attractive, I must say. Also, nice review! =)

  3. Kyle says:

    Another fun review! Downloading as I type.

  4. Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying them!

  5. VahnLegaia says:

    =) Well, I don't think you're doing this for nothing. I was entertained. ^^ I just didn't want to not say anything, because that wouldn't be right, especially since you seemed kind of bummed that no one was saying anything.

  6. Fr1tz0fr3nt1c says:

    <3 Thanks! You look good in cosplay too <3

  7. Rollen Ravenwood says:

    …I love this review. Ohh and Pixie ….*Grows wholf head * HOOOGA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA *whistels twice and then pants.* HOOOOOOOOOOGA!!!!!!*slaps face and gains composure.*

    hrmm…Ohh yeah that game is freaky but hey it could but I had worst mind trips.Ohhh and if you come across a game made by John Feriscod (if I am spelling it right) STAY AWAY. He makes games that make Jim Morson mixed with Marlin Mansion and Pink Flyod with there darkest vocals, lyrics and soul look like Care Bears and My Little Pony’s love child of safe and PT fun.

  8. Pekoe the Ghost says:

    I really enjoy these! You need more publicity! It’s a shame people like you don’t get noticed… I’m going to use the Sharing is sexy buttons!

  9. TombGnome says:

    “especially those who are sensitive or prone to depression” — since this describes me pretty accurately, I do appreciate the heads-up on the…interesting game-ending choice. Much as I appreciated the warning on Eversion: neither kept me from playing the game, but they did soften the freaky-outy experience.

    (also, not to be forward, but I prefer the Pixie’s pixie half; Chellevira is all well and good, but Rochelle is quite gorgeous)

  10. Chell says:

    This is a great review, Yume Nikki is one of my favorite games even if it did give me nightmares for a week….XD

    By the way, “This video is not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition…” (I love Eversion :3)

    • The Pixie says:

      Sorry for taking so long. Yume Nikki is one of those games I can only play when I’m in a certain mood, but when the feeling it’s there, there’s just nothing like it. And I love Eversion, too, which you might’ve guessed if you’ve seen my review. ^^

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