Game Review: Eversion (Halloween Special)

Neither this game nor my review of it are for the faint of heart. That said, Eversion is an inventive, enjoyable and surprisingly creepy little platformer that I reviewed in… the appropriate manner. Also, meet my *other* alter-ego: Psycho Pixie.

The game comes in free and paid flavors, the latter of which is now found on Steam and has several enhancements. You can get Eversion here:

Posted 10/23/10


8 Responses to "Game Review: Eversion (Halloween Special)"

  1. Guy says:

    I just played Eversion again before watching this review.

    Did you draw the background and butterflies and things yourself? I like how you evert as well. In fact, your “enter the game” trick is what sets you apart from other reviewers. Keep it up! :D

    • The Pixie says:

      I didn’t draw the butterflies (they came from a font), but I did color them in. ^^ The rest of it, yeah, I either drew in Photoshop or created with some 3D rendering software.

      Again, thank you. It really does make me happy that you’re enjoying these. :) Being “part” of the game works best for the ones that have clever settings and/or concepts that I can play with. Unfortunately, my current project… isn’t exactly a game anyone would want to get that involved with. ^_^;

      • Guy says:

        What’s your current project?

        I think you could do amazing things with Silent Hill if you made a video about that. SH has a concept that’s similar to Eversion, done in a different way. I talked about it a bit more in my reply to your last comment in the Cheesecake video, but basically if I could request a particular game from the series, it would be SH3.

        • The Pixie says:

          Right now, I’m working on… Shaq Fu. It should be a lot less labor-intensive than my last two reviews were. Well, aside from the fact that I have to play Shaq Fu. ^^;

          I actually *can’t* review PS2 games at the moment. ^^; If I could, though, I’d definitely add those to the list along with Rule of Rose.

          • Guy says:

            Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4 have PC versions. In fact, even though I have a PS3, I have the PC version of all those games.

            Looking forward to seeing how you integrate yourself into the world of Shaq Fu! :o

  2. Pekoe the Ghost says:

    B-but it was so cute at the beginning….. Oh…. It’s worrisome…

    • The Pixie says:

      *evil laugh* ^^

      The first time I played Eversion, I’d already seen a Let’s Play of it. And I STILL wasn’t prepared for how delightfully creepy it is when you actually play it.

  3. LeQuack says:

    I should have just turned around when I saw the lovecraft quote at the top of the download page. I mean really, that should have been a giveaway. But no, I’d heard it was good, so I figured “how scary could it be? let’s try it.”

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