Post-Thanksgiving Thanks

Reflecting on some of the good things in life, which really shouldn't be confined to one day a year. (Posted 12/07/14) [Read Post]

Fingers Crossed

Meandering thoughts on finding myself with a much better job and feeling very weird. (Posted 10/17/14) [Read Post]

One Week in Dreamland

Thoughts on a lovely week with my guy and a more promising future. (Posted 09/29/14) [Read Post]

Things Remembered

Bringing back a bit of what I miss from my old life. (Posted 08/08/14) [Read Post]

Where Things Are Now

Life since I've gotten a day job. Also, where I'd like to go. (Posted 07/18/14) [Read Post]

New Job; Changing World

I have a new job! Miracles CAN happen! (Posted 04/17/14) [Read Post]


In which impromptu spring cleaning becomes a psychological metaphor. (Posted 03/26/14) [Read Post]

X-Post: My First Game Jam

[Crossposted from my Games site.] [You can play the game I made here.] Last night, I finished my first game that I made as part of a game jam. Well, not finished, exactly; more like managed to put together something serviceable that kind of makes sense, even if I didn’t […] (Posted 03/12/14) [Read Post]

Oldest Friend

Weirdest side effect so far of taking antidepressants. Warning: This entry is ugly in places and deals with suicidal feelings. (Posted 02/20/14) [Read Post]


Depression and mixed feelings on finding a better life. (Posted 02/18/14) [Read Post]