I took care of some things yesterday that I’d been putting off. Tedious, unpleasant but rather important things like taxes and healthcare options. For the last couple of weeks or so, I had been lethargic and quietly miserable; I couldn’t seem to get much done without it being a struggle.

A few hours after I did all that (which took up most of the day), I suddenly felt amazing. I wanted to do all sorts of things, both practical and creative, and some “just for fun” type things of whatever sort: catch up on writing in my personal blog, spending some quality time online with someone very special, enjoy some video games, get back to work full force on making video games, sundry household chores….

Oh, yes. Household chores. This is about household chores. Namely how my weekly taking out the trash turned into something symbolic.

It started with just that: taking out the trash. Then I thought, “Hey, why stop there? It’s way past time to clear out all this junk.”

So I got to sorting through all sorts of paper stuff that had been accumulating wherever, mostly junk mail and magazines (for some reason, they seem to send me ALL of the sample subscriptions), anything that was bothering me and had no reason to be there. And I shredded up old bills and threw those out, too.

It was a lot of work. It took me well over an hour. But in the end, that stuff was gone and I felt strangely lighter. Like I was cleaning out more than old trash: maybe I was cleaning out some mental clutter, too.

That industrious feeling is still with me now, as evidenced by the fact I put up this new blog entry today. Hopefully, it really IS out with the old and in with something much better.

Posted 03/26/14
Category: All Blog Entries, Personal/Life


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  1. tombgnome says:

    I have had this precise feeling. It’s good to exchange the calcified detritus of our lives for possibility and hope…

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