Game Review: Life Force

Life Force is my favorite shoot-em-up from the 8-bit era. Join me as I review and reminisce. (Sorry it’s getting posted on March 1st instead of February 29th, but hey, I was close!)

Posted 03/01/12


8 Responses to "Game Review: Life Force"

  1. MaximumRD says:

    LIFE FORCE was awesome and I am pretty sure I traded in some games back in the day to get it and was really surprised how awesome it was!

  2. Guy says:

    When I was a kid, I used to rent this game a lot, but never owned it, so I never saw the instruction booklet or the silly story Konami of America changed.

    I was always freaked out by innards/organs and such as a kid, but somehow I liked this game anyway. Great music too.

    2-player simultaneous Gradius – there should have been more stuff like that.

    Good to see you also liked this classic game! I was also never a big shoot-em-up person myself, but there was one lesser-known shoot-em-up I really liked on the SNES called Phalanx. Ever play that?

    • The Pixie says:

      Never played Phalanx. Heard of it, but never played it.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the review! And yeah, back in the day, Konami (and, by extension, Ultra) had some pretty strange translations in their manuals. The one for Metal Gear was a doozy, to. XD

  3. Three-P says:

    Manual writers refusing to take their jobs seriously* aside, Life Force is a pretty solid gaming experience.

    *-If you want a real facepalm moment, just read the manual for Snake’s Revenge..

  4. JarJarBoy says:

    This game is without a doubt my favourite Shoot-em Up for the NES. Used to play it all the time when I was younger, but was never able to beat it without the Konami code.

    Although I was never able to beat Contra without it either, and now I breeze through it like it’s nothing.

    I need to get me this game again and see how it’ll go.

    Awesome video like always, and I’m sorry about the Game Over at the end. That last part is just cruel.

  5. Quannage says:

    Dudette, you need to put the Konami code onto your site!

  6. Aaron Raines says:

    I lost it on “KITTY!!!” & “Konami’s manual translators were doing some serious drugs” Well played.

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